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The Pinterest keyword hacks you wish you'd always known

Creating beautiful boards on Pinterest is the fun bit. But you also need to be sure they’ll get seen by the right people.

How do you do that? Keywords, that’s how.

Let’s dive into finding out how keywords work on Pinterest and where to find the best ones for your business.

What are keywords and why do you need them?

Keywords are the words Pinterest users type into the search box to find inspiration or specific items.

By using the right keywords on your pins, you’ll increase the number of people who find your products or posts.

Four ways to find keywords:

Pinterest search box

Type a word in your niche into the search box and take a look at the related categories Pinterest shows you.

Pinterest ads (don’t worry, it won’t cost anything)

Go to Ads at the top of the page, click Create Ad and choose the Create Campaign. On the first page scroll down and click Continue.

On the next page scroll down to the keyword section and type in one of your topline keywords. Pinterest will then show you related keywords.

This cool tool lets you enter your keyword then shows you related terms. It also shows you the week’s top trends.

Want to know where the really cool keywords are hiding? Get ahead of the game by heading into Pinterest Predicts - it’s the platform’s crystal ball into what’s going to be big. Click on a category to see trending search terms. In 2020, Pinterest got 8 out of 10 of its predictions right!

Where to put keywords on Pinterest

There are lots of places that your keywords are searchable so take advantage of as many as you can:

● In the text on your image

● In the pin title

● In the pin description

● In the board title

● In the image alt-text on your website

● Image names

● In your Pinterest profile description

Often people use the same wording for their image text and pin title but, as both these spaces are searchable, it’s best to vary them for greater impact. Use your title to give people more information and more reasons to click.

Pinterest stats that will blow your mind

71% of Pinterest users are women

‘Holidays’ is the most searched for term on Pinterest

There are around 2 billion searches a month on the platform

85% of people view Pinterest via mobile

77% of weekly users have discovered a new brand or product via the app

For more help with your Pinterest Marketing just send me an email and we can arrange a chat.


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